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What are your financial goals? Perhaps it’s the security of owning your dream home, perhaps it’s taking on the challenge of running your own business. Maybe you’re looking to get a new phone contract.

Whatever your definition of success, checking out your credit report is a good first step in pursuing it.

How will obtaining my credit report help me?

At Experian, we’re proud to support your financial progress by helping you to keep up to date with your financial status.

A credit report provides one picture of your personal credit history. When you apply for credit, your lender will look at your credit report to help them assess your credit worthiness.

We believe knowledge is power, which is why you can access your Experian Credit Report for free.

What information is on my Experian Credit Report?

You’ve been paying bills for a long time, and you’ve paid them on time. This is the kind of information that lenders are looking for when deciding whether or not to approve your credit application. Your Experian Credit Report includes:

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Your known addresses
  • Information about any credit applications you’ve made
  • Information about your current credit providers and how much you owe
  • Details of your payment history
  • Whether you’ve been issued with a default notice
  • Details of any fraudulent claims you might have made
  • Bankruptcies or successful court actions taken against you
  • Information about lenders who have reviewed your credit file

Your Experian Credit Report also includes a score out of 1,000, which is a quick way to see how you’re tracking.

For more information about what you can find on your credit report, take a look at our guidance on how to read your Experian Credit Report

How does Experian gather this information?

Some of the information held on your Experian Credit Report comes from public records, but we also work with many financial institutions and utility providers around Australia, who share your credit account and payment information with us.

When it comes to protecting your personal information, we take our responsibility towards you extremely seriously. The way we manage, hold and update your credit report is all strictly regulated under the Privacy Act (Commonwealth) 1988.

Do I have an Experian credit report?

If you’re over 18 years of age and have applied for credit, such as a loan, credit card, or hire-purchase agreement, it’s likely Experian will record of much of this on your Experian Credit Report.

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